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Construction and Design Practice

Construction and Design Practice


Susan Allen

Robin Lash

We have experience on all sides of tribal construction projects, having represented tribal owners, contractors, subcontractors, and other stakeholders in different projects. We have:

  • Advised general contractors and other vendors doing business with tribes;
  • Worked closely with tribal councils, tribal business entities, and tribal staff throughout the country;
  • Represented both tribal borrowers and contractors in connection with different financings, including for debt refinance, casino and resort development and construction, and tribal government infrastructure;
  • Negotiated and drafted many construction and design contracts for Indian country projects, including tribal government centers, wastewater treatment plants, casinos (new construction and remodeling), and housing projects;
  • Mediated and arbitrated construction-defect and other disputes on tribal properties to successful conclusions;
  • Coordinated with state and federal agencies to meet regulatory requirements for Indian country projects; and
  • Navigated through questions of tribal sovereign immunity, jurisdiction, dispute resolution, and all other aspects of doing business in Indian Country on a daily basis.